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Volume 001, Number 061, 1 Feb 1997

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  1. Poqet Games by McWrapper@xxxxxxxx
  2. Poqet Pad for sale by Michael Bell <mikeb@xxxxxxxx>

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Poqet Games by McWrapper@xxxxxxxx

From: McWrapper@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Poqet Games
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 02:32:45 -0500 (EST)

I am looking for an old PC game called Sleuth.  I'm sure it will work on the
poqet...it was most fun and I would love to get it...has anyone got it out


P.S. - I use my poqet <that I got for $30> in school.  People look at me
funny cuz i'm the only one using it for my notes.  :)

Poqet Pad for sale by Michael Bell <mikeb@xxxxxxxx>

From: Michael Bell <mikeb@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Poqet Pad for sale
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 21:56:37 -0500
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Hello everyone,
I recently encountered a situtation in which I need some extra cash. As
such, I am forced to sell my Poqet Pad (The poqet pc except that instead
of a keyboard, it has a touch screen). I'm am asking $150(neg.) for it.
It comes with the manuals, software to develop your own poqetpc
programs, protective rubber case (fits on the pad), 1 pen, and a 512k
sram card. Like I said, I need to sell as soon as posiable. If you are
interested in getting your hands on this wonderful machine, e-mail me at
mikeb@xxxxxxxx I can send you (e-mail of course) a photo of the actual
device so you can see the condition (extreamly good).

Mike Bell

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