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Volume 001, Number 055, 22 Jan 1997

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  1. Hello!, Game Recommendation, and Floppy Alternative by Dorian Garson <doriang@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Greetings... by Brent B. Powers <powers@xxxxxxxx>

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Hello!, Game Recommendation, and Floppy Alternative by Dorian Garson <doriang@xxxxxxxx>

From: Dorian Garson <doriang@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Hello!, Game Recommendation, and Floppy Alternative
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 14:43:37 -0800

I've been a Poqet Classic user since about a year ago, when an article
appeared in the company newsletter about my computer collection.  A
marketer in the Works unit saw the article and sent me some email.  He'd
acquired a Poqet many years ago so he could compare AlphaWorks with some
version of Pocket Microsoft Works that they were preparing for another
platform.  He had no further use for the machine, so he gave it to me.

Game Recommendation
I've run Dungeon, the predecessor to and freeware version of Zork I.  It
worked quite well!  You can find the game on http://www.shareware.com/
by searching for PCDUNGEO.

Floppy Drive Suggestion
I just made a deal with another owner to buy his Poqet Floppy drive, and
I'm looking forward to using it.  

For those not so lucky, I think there's another slim chance: buy a Poqet
serial cable and an old Tandy PDD, the portable floppy drive made for
the Tandy 100.  It runs on a serial line, and there's a PC utility to
connect to it at:

The floppy format is proprietary, and gives you about 100K per disk.

I own a Tandy PDD, but haven't yet tried this. I'm about to close a deal
on a Poqet serial cable.  When I get the cable, I could certainly give
it a try if anyone's interested.


Greetings... by Brent B. Powers <powers@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Brent B. Powers" <powers@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Greetings...
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 15:41:11 -0500

(Hello, Bryan)

Greetings, allow me to introduce myself (I'm a bit nervous that I
won't survive the violent reaction)...

I've been involved with Poqet's since, well, since... I was employee
#17, wrote VNA (well, the basis, and then we outsourced it, and then it
came back, and I fixed it), and even wrote PQLink.  I just picked up a
relatively modern poqet from Cal Digital for sentimental reasons... I
still have one of the early prototypes, but I no longer use either,
having gone over to the Pilot side of life...

Any other ex-Poqeteer's out there?

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