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Volume 001, Number 053, 14 Jan 1997

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  1. Hingepin removal by LenGeezer@xxxxxxxx

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Hingepin removal by LenGeezer@xxxxxxxx

From: LenGeezer@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Hingepin removal
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 21:57:49 -0500 (EST)

Re: Hingepin removal

I have successfully removed both hinge pins from my Poqet, reduced their
circumference by closing the slit in the pin and replaced them successfully.
This was the procedure:

1. 24 hours before I removed the pins, I put a couple of drops of 3 in 1 oil
i each hinge.

2.  I then inserted a very tiny wood screw into the hinge pin (using it as a
turn-out tool) and gave it a few turns. Slowly I
turned the screw back and forth (holding the screw with a small pliers) while
gradually pulling the screw and pin out.

3.  I closed the slit in the pins by putting them in a small vice, reducing
the circumference of
each pin.

4.  I wrapped the pins in a small amount of vaseline and replaced them in the

I also checked the cracks (I had a small hairline crack in both the right and
left hinges) with, and without, the spring installed on the upper right hinge
and found that the pressure of the spring on the hinge did indeed open the
crack wider than when it was removed.

Since I usually hold the Poqet between my knees when I type, I can control
how far the top opens with my knees. Otherwise, having removed the spring,
the top would fall open too far --
perhaps endangering the life of the cable.  


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