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  1. Browser for PoqetPC by John Oram <norami@xxxxxxxx>

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Browser for PoqetPC by John Oram <norami@xxxxxxxx>

From: John Oram <norami@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Browser for PoqetPC
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 14:17:32 -0800
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Hi there:

David Colston @ Net-Tamer has posted Ver 1.08-XT, which is set up for
the PoqetPC. The browser's code has been modified to turn on the comm
port with a BIOS call per PoqetPC tech manual. He has been testing on a
unit we loaned him for awhile.

This is a shareware application @ $35US. Well worth the fee since it is
a one-time with e-mail support from then on.

We have sent about a hundred messages, downloaded a large number of
USENET groups without a problem, and received a large number of e-mails
while on the road.

Am using the RED editor (6K) that is freeware with the download. There
is also a Pascal based larger editor, but my 512K PoqetPc gets weird
when using all the RAM. 
(Lost our 640K unit in a break in at the office. Bother, as Mr. Pooh
would say.)

We are using a Microcom MNP-10 28.8K DeskPort (external) modem and
connect at 24Kbps, V.42bis and occassionally at V.32 to our local ISP.
Have tried with cellular phone and it is working okay - as okay as
cellular works for data. Have used it with a 2400bps WorldPort battery
powered external that was Poqet's original modem choice.

Give Net-Tamer a try <http://people.delphi.com/davidcolston/> or see the
notes in the PoqetPC web site. Choose the version for 8088-80286, called
n108-xt.zip - about a 448K download. Doc & FAQ are included. 

David's e-mail address is <nettamer@xxxxxxxx>

Would be interested in your results with Net-Tamer,

John Oram
e-mal:		norami@xxxxxxxx
voice mail:	800-589-8167

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