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Volume 001, Number 048, 21 Dec 1996

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  1. Classic for sale by Mark A Rogers <mark.a.rogers@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Hinge design defect? by David Deckert <jeeves@xxxxxxxx>

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Classic for sale by Mark A Rogers <mark.a.rogers@xxxxxxxx>

From: Mark A Rogers <mark.a.rogers@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Classic for sale
Date: 20 Dec 1996 08:18:55 -0800
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     I have a Classic, new in box, which I purchased early this year from 
     California Digital.  I bought it for my son, who's reaction was
        "Gee dad, where's the graphics?" :
     I would like to sell the machine, with the serial cable and the 2Mb 
     card.  I could even throw in a serial dot matrix printer.
     I've got $300 in it, make me a fair offer.
     reply to:

Hinge design defect? by David Deckert <jeeves@xxxxxxxx>

From: David Deckert <jeeves@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Hinge design defect?
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 21:45:19 -0500 (EST)
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In-Reply-To: <199612210205.SAA03130@xxxxxxxx>

This is my first message to list having just subscribed and I came with a 
specific question in mind. But first my intro... 

Well let's see...  I have a Poqet PC Classic -- though until I browsed the
web page a few minutes ago I didn't know there were different models. I
bought it, or rather its predecessor, from a friend who paid nearly $3K
for it and its accessories. I don't remember now what I paid him, but I
think it was only about $200 or something. That was in 91. I used the
machine for a while, but it had a broken hinge (right-hand side) and I was
always afraid that it would damage the cable. Eventually it did. 

I called Fujitsu and got them to "fix" it -- I think they just replaced 
it. I remember how much I paid for that but I'm not saying cause it's 
embarassing. Anyway I greatly enjoyed the new machine and used it 
everywhere until it too began to show stress cracks in the hinge. It 
seems to me that the little metal spring that is supposed to hold the 
hinge stiff also has the effect of causing undue stress on the plastic 
case. This one too eventually suffered a complete separation despite my 
best efforts with epoxy. 

It spent the next couple of years on a shelf in a room that can best be 
described as the computer museum part of my house. Recently I pulled it 
back out and was hoping for some cunning suggestions on a repair. I want 
to go back to using it -- I hate my Newton. 

The only thing I can think of (after seeing the note in the FAQ) is to 
try to open the case and remove that stupid spring. Then I might have a 
chance of fixing the hinge. Has anyone else had this problem? Since I was 
two for two I sort of thought it might be a design flaw, but was 
surprised to find no mention of it in the list archives. 

Thanks for the help and the chance to vent. 


 When you say "I wrote a program that crashed Windows", people just stare at
 you blankly and say "Hey, I got those with the system, *for free*"
 	--Linus Torvalds 

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