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  1. Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n042 by bertelli@xxxxxxxx (Carlo Bertelli)

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Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n042 by bertelli@xxxxxxxx (Carlo Bertelli)

From: bertelli@xxxxxxxx (Carlo Bertelli)
Subject: Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n042
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 23:24:20 +0100
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> >>3) IMPORT/EXPORT- Has anyone done any work on importing data into PoqetTools
> >>   from a PIM or organizer? I've been playing around with a Perl script
> >>   to build a PHONE.ABD file from the ASCII text exported by the organizer
> >>   program I run on my windows box. So far, it seems to work well;
> >>   especially given the limitations of both systems' formats.
> >
> >I've got a windows program that will read PoqetTools .ABD files and output
> >them into either comma-delimited text or Microsoft Access (.MDB).
> >Actually, the program is a fully-blown version of PoqetAddress for Windows.
> > I've been working on it (in some of my spare time) for about 6 months now.
> > If there's enough interest, I'll finish it and put it on the Web page.  If
> >anyone's interested, let me know.  Oh yeah, my version sorts, too.

I have a Panorama II macro for the Macintosh. I transfer the phone.abd file
to the Mac with MacLink Plus (DataViz) as DOS text, then I run the macro on
it and it becomes a new Panorama file. It works also the other side. I have
had problems on record lenght for the name and type fields. I think these
accept only 60 and 1 character each.

I'm very interested in Bryan's PoqetAddress for Windows. I use a strange
strategy to keep the right privacy on my contact list, I put it on a web
server for use of my workgroup. By now I haven't used a very elegant
approach. I put a form on the screen, a cgi shell script calls grep
THE_SEARCHED_NAME against phone.abd, putting that on a file. Then a
compiled schedule.c reads the file and generate the output for the user. I
had no time to look at the c code to avoid generating the intermediate
file. Has someone tried a better approach to phone display on a non-dos

By the way, the big data base issue for the Poqet. If you live on a tight
space, use POPDBF (simtel, simtelnet and mirrors under database), it runs
well on the Poqet (but you don't get memo fields, it does not support DBT).
If you have plenty FOXPLUS for DOS works like a charm and it is a full
fledged dbms.

Carlo Bertelli - Istituto di Storia dell'architettura
                 Facolta` di Architettura dell'Universita` di Genova
                 Stradone S. Agostino, 37      Genova (Italy)
                 tel. 39 10 209 5835            fax 39 10 209 5838
e-mail: bertelli@xxxxxxxx

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