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  1. Poqet Outfit FS by Mel Zwillenberg <75746.3705@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Re: New to List by robert zarcone <bzarcone@xxxxxxxx>

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Poqet Outfit FS by Mel Zwillenberg <75746.3705@xxxxxxxx>

From: Mel Zwillenberg <75746.3705@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Poqet Outfit FS
Date: 20 Oct 96 15:10:48 EDT

Poqet Classic palmtop computer.
Runs for weeks on 2 alkaline "AA" penlight cells.
512K RAM.
2-PCMCIA type I Release 1.0 slots. (Good for SRAM cards, Can read but
not write Type I Flash cards. Not for modems.
CGA and MDA screen.
Serial Cable-----------------------------------------$60.
Parallel (printer) cable-----------------------------$60.
Lotus 123 V. 2.2 on PCMCIA ROM card with manuals----$100.
1 MB PCMCIA SRAM card.-------------------------------$50.
and I will pay shipping within the U.S.
Plase reply by e-mail.

Re: New to List by robert zarcone <bzarcone@xxxxxxxx>

From: robert zarcone <bzarcone@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: New to List
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 07:55:55 -0700
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In the early 1980's I purchased one of the very first Tandy model 100's 
and accessories and basically used it into the ground.  When the Poqet 
appeared I knew it was the logical next step for me.

I purchased my Poqet Classic PC some five years ago.  A local and 
small(now extinct of course) computer store had two of them on the shelf 
for $2,000 each.  As the months passed they soon droppped to $1,500 and 
finally $1,000.  I was ready to make my move and entered the store, 
checkbook in hand.  Pandemonium was ensuing.  Apparently the owner had 
just that morning decided he had had enough of the major stores 
undercutting him and he was literally piling up computer equipment in 
the middle of the showroom floor and slapping on random price tags as 
his soon to be fired salespeople watched on in horror.  Incredible deals 
were passing before my eyes and there, in the middle of the chaos were 
my two Poqets, still in their boxes  I grabbed them and said to the 
owner: "How much?"  "You tell me," was his reply.  I hesistated and 
since I came to spend $1,000 I said: "$500" hoping to get both of them 
for the one grand.  "Sold!" he yelled and proceeded to give me BOTH 
computers and a pile of SRAM cards to boot for my $500.  I felt like I 
was cheating him but he knew me and he insisted.  He said they'd been 
sitting on his shelf for almost a year and he was considering giving 
them to his nephews anyway.

Since then I have added a 20MB portable hardrive and a old panasonic 
laptop w/o hardrive.  I used the portable hardrive as a docking station 
to connect the Poqet with the Panasonic and that's how I get my 
information onto floppies.

My software of choice is Letterperfect, a scaled down version of 
wordperfect that can run on as little as 512 cards stripped down.  It 
translates easily and completely to wordperfect.

How much have I used the Poqet?  As a writer I have written three full 
plays and ten short plays on it over the years.  It's great for creating 
"rough" material and then downloading later for clean up.

Now I've come across a "third" Poqet via Calfornia Digital.  I'd like to 
 give it to a writer friend of mine but it needs the necessary 
accessories for it to work properly.  My old 20 MB hardrive company is 
history and the newer and larger portable hardrives seem to have trouble 
working with the earlier versions of DOS.  What I'd really like to get 
my hands on is a good portable 3.5 floppy drive.  Anyone out there have 
any ideas?

The original Poqet floppy drive version seems unavailable.  I tried 
calling Sparky Solutions but after 2 months, they don't reply to left 
messages.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Zarcone

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