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Volume 001, Number 017, 11 Sep 1996

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  1. Lotus 123: Only 2 left! by Steven W. Decato <swdecato@xxxxxxxx>
  2. PCMCIA adaptor - Poqet Case by mholman@xxxxxxxx (Mike Holman)

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Lotus 123: Only 2 left! by Steven W. Decato <swdecato@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Steven W. Decato" <swdecato@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Lotus 123:  Only 2 left!
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 19:28:20 -0700
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Just about gone!   I've got 2 left.  Then they are gone forever.

Lotus 123 V2.2 or the Poqet PC on a ROM cartridge.  Both copies are brand new.

1 completely shrink-wrapped, never opened  $40 + $3 shipping (for those of you who like that brand new feeling!)

1 brand new, no shrink wrap on outer box but manuals and packaging still shrink wrapped  $35 plus $3 shipping.

All include Manual, quick reference card, ROM,  registration card, original packing. 

There are several satisfied customers from this list who have already purchased their copies.  Last chance to get yours!


From:  epps@xxxxxxxx[SMTP:epps@ari.fed.us]
Sent:  Thursday, September 05, 1996 7:57 AM
To:  poqetpc@xxxxxxxx
Subject:  Re: game for Poqet

Thanks for the info on the game, Jeff.


PCMCIA adaptor - Poqet Case by mholman@xxxxxxxx (Mike Holman)

From: mholman@xxxxxxxx (Mike Holman)
Subject: PCMCIA adaptor - Poqet Case
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 14:49:10 -0500


I was looking into putting a modem on my PoqetPC and would like to know
if anyone has a PCMCIA I->II adaptor for sale.  I didn't see any advertised
on the California Digital page, but I will call them to verify.  Also,
any experiences from people who use the adaptor and PCMCIA II modems with
the Poqet??  Problems, things to watch out for, etc?

Almost forgot, someone on this list mentioned some time back about using
those zippered "double" CDROM carriers as a PoqetPC case.  Well another
option is a "CASE LOGIC" floppy disk holder case (holds 10 3.5 disks) sold
at "Best Buy" for $7.95.  It holds the PoqetPC classic perfectly (and looks
very sharp too :).  But be warned that it really won't hold much else apart
from the Poqet as even adding a couple batteries would be tight.
If extra space for batteries, etc is important, then the double CDROM holders 
is the way to go ($14.95 at Best Buy).  And, no, I don't work for "Best Buy", I
just find myself going there a lot :)

Thanks very much,

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