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Volume 001, Number 008, 22 Aug 1996

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  1. WTB PoqetPC by Michael Blake <blake@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Don't buy 2megs Grid SRAM cards if you are a Poqet user! by ddvteach@xxxxxxxx

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WTB PoqetPC by Michael Blake <blake@xxxxxxxx>

From: Michael Blake <blake@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: WTB PoqetPC
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 08:43:20 -0700 (PDT)
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A workmate has fallen in love with my PoqetPC and would like to buy one. 
Anybody got an extra lying around?


Don't buy 2megs Grid SRAM cards if you are a Poqet user! by ddvteach@xxxxxxxx

From: ddvteach@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Don't buy 2megs Grid SRAM cards if you are a Poqet user!
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 00:19:27 -0700
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>From the FAQ:

:To work in the Poqet PC, SRAM cards must be PCMCIA Revision 1.0 
:and must be able to operate at **3 volts**. As far as memory cards are
:concerned, however, there isn't much difference between PCMCIA 2.0 and 
:so Rev. 2.0 memory cards should work fine.

:The 3 volt requirement arises because, as the alkaline batteries in the
:Poqet PC die, the system voltage can dip down to the 3 volt level. If 
:PCMCIA cards operate only at 5 volts, then you
:could lose data as your batteries die.
:One thing to remember is that all SRAM cards will retain data at 3 
volts. To
:work in the Poqet PC,
:the SRAM cards must operate (read and write data) at 3 volts.
                ^^^^^^^^^^^^           ^^^^^       ^^^^^^^^^^

Several months ago I was having trouble losing massive amounts of data 
these cards and running a program that did frequent writes to disk.  
talking to Bryan Mason, we traced the problem to the cards operating at 5
vols.  If you already have one, you could do what I do, use it for read 
storage (if you cannot sell it).  I store my data on a 1 meg Verbatim 
card I
own (which runs at the needed 3 vols).  That arrangement has given me no
trouble for at least 6 months (though Bryan warned me that I could get 
errors, which is nowhere nearly as bad as write errors).

So far, only Verbatim SRAM cards and Poqet SRAM cards (by Fujitsu) are
completely compatible (as far as I know).

Happy Poqetting!


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